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Ectranslator Translation Services of Shanghai was established in 2001 to meet the increasing demand for foreign language translation services in multi-media formats.  We provide video translation, DVD translation, subtitling / captioning and film translation services in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Thai, Korean, Japanese and Germany, in addition to dozens of other languages.  We can enhance your videos or films by adding captions or subtitles or by translating the audio presented from one language to another, or even from and into to many languages. Click here to watch our video samples.

Most marketers will attest to the fact that using videos to advertise products and services is a great way to increase brand awareness. Social media marketers use videos to expand their social networks and build an online following. Closed Captioning have been proofed as an excellent SEO tool. Videos always work as fantastic training tools both online and in corporate settings. Micro business, Fortune 100 firm, or government agency, organizations can expand their reach by taking advantage of the expert-quality video translation and subtitling services offered by Ectranslator Translation Services.  Take your business into the global market and make it accessible to a global audience by adding captioning or having your video translated into any foreign languages.
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We cater to a varied list of public and private sector clients including embassies, consulates, multinational corporations, international schools, global insurance companies, film and television organizations, and the list goes on. Our body of work has including subtitling(Captioning) and video translation services for commercials, public service announcements and videos, presidential speeches, commercial product launches and interviews.

Output Formats

There is a wide variety of multi-media output formats available these days. We customize our captioning and video translation services to suit the needs of our clients. Formats include AVI, WMV, DVD, MP4, MOV, FLV and stream media. 
We work with the latest SONY non-line video editing system – a system which harnesses the capacity to handle all kinds of high-definition video in 1920X1080P and 1280X720P. We have access to top of the line DVD video extraction tools so that we can safely extract media without compromising video quality. High definition technology has grown by leaps and bound in the past two years alone.  We edit using state of the art equipment to maintain the type of high quality work that our customers have come to know and trust. Once your video translation is complete, we add subtitles / captions directly to the DVD.  No more remaking your video. The result is your video remains DVD-quality with subtitles and with virtually no loss at all in quality. There are few companies in our industry who can put forth such a claim. Most cannot achieve this result.


The above picture was taken at the Environmental Protection Exhibition in the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum in 2007. Visitors stopped by to watch videos for which we provided the translation and subtitling / captioning services.

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If you have video clips, DVD discs and Blu-ray discs for which you would like to add subtitles / captions, please email our sales department at, or call us(0086-(0)21-51036356(China); 00852-81277567(Hong Kong)). One of our helpful and knowledgeable team members will generate a quote based on your specific needs.  

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